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hi im julia and im in a constant state of emotional turmoil
about me foster kittens my face

I thought this was toast with space jelly


I thought this was toast with space jelly

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You ppl have not lived until uve tasted chocolate chip cake tbh

sad about glee tbh


“don’t tell anyone what I just told you” they say

“I won’t tell anyone” I reply, as I copy and paste the entire conversation to my best friend

I think the last time I was this miserable for this long was during the summer and thinking about summer makes it even worse it was so bad during summer but for some stupidly insane reason I miss it and no one would ever be able to understand why but I do

Gravity was a really good movie


literally no one can get on her level



required by law to keep up with my promised fancy cat quota in my blog description. 

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i was freakin out b/c I’m doing swimming/water polo over the summer so I can get on the team next year and i was like omg what do i do when i’m on my period no way i’m wearing a tampon and then i was like WAIT i’m on birth control so I can just take it all the time during the season so i wont get my period for like 3 months thank god for birth control